Welcome to Old Village Antiques

Located in historic Old Avon Village, is the valley’s most interesting and unique destination for those in search of high quality, beautifully restored and fairly priced antique furniture & accessories.

Who We Are

The shop is co-owned by Stephen Gero, a Connecticut legend in the antique business, and his business partner Daniel Hackbarth, a man whose talent & instinct at choosing exceptional artwork & accessories makes for an exciting collection of merchandise.

Our Store

Our store is located in a charming mid 19th century saltbox with over 2000 sq. ft. of display space spread over 2 floors. Our loyal following appreciate the fact that all the furniture and accessories are in perfectly restored condition. Upholstered pieces are freshly recovered, lamps have new shades and hardware and the expert refinishing of the case pieces means you can bring anything home and start enjoying it instantly.